Love It!

So I love it when I hear that someone has made something using my tutorials! I even love it more when I get to see the finished product. My friend in California Eva made these adorable onesies using this tutorial of mine. I have to say she did a fantastic job! They are pretty stinking adorable!What I'm even more impressed with is the fact that she is learning to sew and one of her first projects was a Maxi dress. How brave is she? I have been wanting a Maxi dress all summer but most of them are sleeveless in one way or another. How cute is this dress?
Amazing Eva!


We're Back!

I know I disappeared for a little while. If you don't keep up with my family blog then you would have never known that Miss. S and I took a little vacation. We went to visit family and Utah. It was absolutely wonderful! Come next week I'll be back into blogging mode. Now it's time for some vacation detox!

This picture was taken at Tony's Grove up Logan Canyon. It was stunning! If you ever get the chance to explore Logan Canyon you should. It is breath taking!


Fourth of July Dress!

This project made me want to gauge my eyes out. I had so much trouble with it. I didn't use a pattern but I did use this cute tutorial. That was my big problem. With a very wiggly 19 month old it's hard to make things without a pattern. She never stops moving. However it turned out pretty cute in the end. I know the more I make cloths for her the easier it will be. But next time I think I'll use a pattern.


The "Other" Project

So here is the other sewing project I made last weekend... finally.I used a vintage pillow case, sturdy striped ribbon, and this tutorial by Betz White. There are so many things I love about this apron. I think I'm going to make some more but tweak them a bit (Like rounding off the corners and using binding tape around the outside). But I love it because...

A) It's that whole upcycling thing again.
B) The pocket is super sturdy.
C) It took me 20 minutes to make. I know I know the tutorial said it's a 10 minute apron but I made a mistake in the beginning and had to rip out a seam. Opps! Next time I'm sure it will be 10.

You should all try this apron out. It is super easy! Even the first time sewer can do this one, and seriously I'm sure even the busiest person can spare 10-20 minutes.


Baby Girls

I know I said I had a lot of posts this week and I promised pictures of the other sewing projects I did. I know I failed you. The trick is trying to get my husband to take those pictures. So until I can pin him down they are on hold. But instead of not posting anything here is one of the most adorable crib sets I have ever seen!No I'm not having another baby but if I were to have another little girl I would love something like this. Found at Plover Organic.