Eating Well

We have been making a conscious effort around this house to eat better lately. More veggies & fruits. More whole foods. Less of the processed junk that litters our grocery stores shelves. Today's lunch was fantastic. We got the recipe from this months Everyday Food (great & inexpensive). It's basically Egg in the Hole but the hole is a red bell pepper. The only thing we added to the recipe was sliced avocado. Very fresh and yummy. Served with spinich and strawberry salad. I have to give credit where credit is due. Denny cooked everything (and took the picture). All I did was wash and ready the salad. He is a great cook and he really enjoys it. I'm a lucky lady.


Shakalaka Lip Blaka

This is a super random post I know. I'm trying to get back into posting after a long time off due to random health problems, and spending time outside in the sun. So I'm starting small. One thing that has always been important to me (and should be to you too) is protecting my skin from the sun. I always use sunscreen when I spend time out side. Lately I've been using this one, but it changes from time to time. One thing that never changes however is my love for a certain chapstick. Shakalaka Lip Blaka. Seriously people this is the best chapstick in the world. The name is a little silly I know, but it is soooo good it doesn't matter. I can't seem to find it anywhere in San Antonio, but they sell it at Macy's (the grocery store) in Utah. So I pick it up everytime I go visit my family. I'm telling you if you see it get it. You will not regret it.