Monthly Photo Project: 5 Months Old

Well I'm back (again). Last week was a little crazy for me. I had somethings come up that kept me away from my computer all week. Here is the little man. A day late but who's keeping track besides me. I just love this boy so much! I swear these pictures look so much different/better in photoshop than they do uploaded to my blog. It's super frustrating. Anyone know why?!!?


Another Great Snack

I was watching a show once where the guest was Chef Tyler Florence. He said that the best way to cook vegetables to make them taste great is to roast them. That even people who don't like veggies will like them roasted. He was right. I've been roasting ever since. However I had never thought of roasting edamame until I saw a post about it on The Kitchn. I don't know why I never thought of it. I love roasting. I love edamame. It just makes sense that I would love roasted edamame. So today I gave it a try. And I do love it. Even Miss. S gobbled it up. I will definitely be making this one again. You should give it a try too! Recipe found here.


I Want To Go To There

Image found Via The Lettered Cottage

Sometimes I come across something out there in blog land that I just have to make mention of here. I came across a new to me blog on Pinterest today called The Lettered Cottage. They had a week of posts all about  a couple who purchased an old run down summer camp called Wandawega and spruced the place up. Honestly it looks amazing and now I would kill to take a trip to Wisconsin just to stay there. She even put in the coolest nursery for her little one. And the tree house? To. Die. For. Please click here and go check it out. You won't be disappointed. There are some incredible before and afters. And the way they display collections is so clever! Makes me want to start collecting something. I will be putting Tereasa Surratt's (the wife/ owner) book Found, Free & Flea on my must buy list. Her blog is averymodestcottage.blogspot.com.


Water Color Monogrammed Note Cards

Back in February I blogged about what to do with Children's Art. We love doing art projects around our house. So I'm always looking for new things to do with Miss. S and different ways to display/use them. My cousin had a really fantastic idea about using your child's art as note cards. That suggestion spawned our Valentine's this year. Which has evolved once more into some monogrammed note cards that I will be using as some Thank You notes. With just a little bit of prep on my part S and I got to work today painting away some cards. All I did was use scotch tape to make an L on the front of a notecard. Then after we had painted the front we peeled off the scotch tape to have our home made monogram. Miss. S had so much fun with this. She thought is was magic. Her face just lit up when I peeled that tape off and she saw the L. It was a lot of fun. Minimal effort for a really great activity with your kiddo. Just make sure you use tape that peels off easily and wait until it is completely dry. Other wise the paper might peel up with it.


Pillow Case Skirt

A couple years ago when Miss. S was still a toddler I bought a darling embroidered vintage pillow case to make a pillow case dress. Well here I am two years later and I hadn't done anything with my cute pillow case. Let alone make a dress out of it. So I decided to do something about it just now. She's a bit too big for the dress I was planning but not too big for a skirt. I'll tell you what. This is the easiest skirt anyone could ever make. All you have to do is put in the waist band. That's it. You can find this type of pillow case at any flea market or antique mall across the country for around $5. It took me maybe a half hour to measure S, cut and sew it up. Pretty simple. She's now napping otherwise I would have had her model it for me. I was just too excited to get it on here.                                                                                                        
P.S. Is anyone else having issues getting their photos in the right spot with the new blogger? I am frustrated with it!


My Spin On A Pin

So a couple weekends ago Sherry from Young House Love and a few other bloggers did a Pinterest Challenge. Where they all worked over the weekend to put there own spin on something that they had pinned. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to do the same challenge. Except I was busy busy busy that weekend and did not have the time. So today I sat down and did it. This is what I had pinned...
Image Found Via KFD Designs

I've come across a couple tutorials on-line for Faux Zinc Letters. Like these from Anthropologie. I have always loved those letters but for $98 a pop it's just not a realistic purchase. I never even would have thought to do a faux version with paint. So when I saw the tutorial for it I got a little giddy. Out of all the tutorials that I found I thought the one over on KFD Designs was the best. So I went with that. We have a wedding gift to give so I grabbed a large cardboard C from Joann's on sale for $2.99 (C for the married couple's last name). And here is how it turned out...                                                         
I love it. It turned out just as I hoped it would. Of coarse the one in the pin is better but I still love this one. Now I want to make a few more to live at my house. Possibly in the kitchen? We'll see. The entire project cost around $6 (don't worry we gave them something else also). $6 is much more reasonable than $98. Did I mention I love it?


The Summer Slump

Look familiar? This is the photo I took to make my blog banner. 

I haven't blogged all week. I know. I'm a huge slacker. Honestly I've been lazy this week and not really all that motivated. I've determined it's because of the summer slump. It happens towards the end of the summer every year. This year it's just hitting a bit early. I found when I lived in Utah I would get the Winter Blues around the end of January early February. Right before spring. When the days are cold and gray and the inversion sets in. Well here in Texas it's the opposite. It happens in the summer. When the days are long and hot and it feels like the air is on fire. This summer has been a doozy. We've had very little rain and it has been in the triple digits for months it seems. It makes me want to lock myself in doors and lounge in the air conditioning. We went swimming with friends today. It felt so nice and refreshing. Now both kids are taking a nap and I get a minute to breath all to myself. It's great.

I'll be back next week. I promise. To be honest I needed this week to kinda slump around and not do much. I'm refreshed and ready to get some projects done. Even though I know we have several more weeks of hot days left I'm hoping this is the end of the slump. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!