Miss. S Loves To Paint

This is my fridge today. Everyday a new painting gets added. She loves to paint. She begs to paint. She would rather paint than do anything else in this world. Last week she discovered water colors and it was love at first brush stroke. Now the conundrum is how am I going to go about displaying her masterpieces with out my fridge looking like a hot mess. Don't even try to throw one of her creations away. That would just be heart break. I would love to save up all these little pages and scan them into my computer and create something digitally. However until I have enough I need another option. I'm leaning towards this budget friendly idea...
It has some major style without a huge price tag. Which I love. It's also not permanent like a paint treatment would be. Which is perfect for us renters. I can easily accomplish this in an afternoon.

I found this on Ohdeedoh (originally found here). They find such great options for art displays. How do you handle the accumulation of your kiddos art?


Karin said...

That is a really cute way to display her artwork!
What I have done in the past is go to kmart or the like and get a yard stick(kmart is free). Then I paint it the color I like(to match the room it will be in) and then I paint like 6 wooden cloths pins and hot glue them to the yard stick...spaced apart evenly. Then I nail it into the wall(not huge nails) I put it at a height that the girls could easily reach and change out their work on their own.
Another idea...is to make cards out of her work. Cut them down to fit into an envelope and have her send "thank you's" "thinking of you's" and "just cause" cards to family members. I love getting stuff in the mail from Katie that she makes at school...so personalized!

Beth said...

We hang these in the kids room (we got the bird clip ones). I really like them. http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx?c=3144&f=397&pc=2893

Bailey said...

I love all these ideas. Karin I especially love turning their art into cards. Brilliant!