The Chinese New Year Festivities

We had a fun time as a family last night for Chinese New Year. We ordered in some Dim Sum (including my beloved Char Siew Bao), walnut shrimp & Moo Shu Chicken from Golden Wok. Golden Wok is owned by some really great family friends of ours and they have the widest variety of Dim Sum available in San Antonio. It truly is delicious! If you're not really sure what Dim Sum is visit their website and you will wonder no more.
After some good eats we got our paper craft on. We made lanterns, fans & fortune cookies. Miss. S is still pretty young and has a hard time with most crafts. So I involved her by letting her color the paper for the lanterns and the fans. She also wrote "letters" for the fortunes. She had such a good time and was really proud of what she made. I have to admit the fans didn't turn out so good, but the lantern & cookies were really cute. If you are going to make paper fans with your kids make sure to use a thinner type of paper. It will make folding them much easier.
The fortune cookies were my favorite. After writing out our own fortunes we glued them to the inside of paper cupcake liners. Then you fold the cupcake liners back and glue the bottom together. They turned out pretty cute and so easy!
All in all our Chinese New Year was a success. I think it's important to teach your children about other cultures. They love it! It's so much fun watching her soak up new things.

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