A Tiny Heart

I love all things miniature. The smaller the better in my book. This weekend I was experimenting with a few things. I'm trying to plan an activity for 12-13 year old girls for my church so I was trying out different crafts to make. This is not the craft I chose (to timely), but it's the one I think turned out the best out of all my attempts.

I used a 3 inch embroidery hoop (tiny). I measured my fabric to fit the hoop. Before putting the fabric in the hoop I freezer paper stenciled on the heart & let dry. Then I put the fabric in the hoop and glue gunned the excess fabric to the inside of the back of the hoop. My paint had a couple very small leaks under the stencil so I decided to do a simple back stitch around the outside of the heart to hide the flaws. That's it! It was fairly easy. Every body likes tiny things right? Of coarse if you don't you could always use a bigger hoop. The 3 inch hoop was what I had on hand. This project didn't cost me a dime as I took everything out of my stash.

Embroidery hoop art is everywhere right now. Including right here previously on this blog. I think it's because you can make a big impact in a space without breaking the bank. I see it a lot in nurseries (which is where I used them before), but I wouldn't be afraid to try it out in a living room, kitchen or craft room.

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