Happy Chinese New Year

Today we're ringing in the Chinese New Year. It's the year of the Rabbit! I don't think I've ever mentioned what Denny does for a living on this blog. His parents own Fire Wok a Chinese Restaurant here in San Antonio and he manages it for them. So The Chinese New Year is an important holiday around this house. I would love to say that I'm celebrating by cooking up all sorts of Chinese Delicacies and throwing a party. However that is just not going to happen this year. I'm way to big and uncomfortable to be slaving over the stove all day. Maybe next year. I really would love to learn to make Char Siew Bao (steamed pork buns). Yum! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Anyway I'm sure we'll do something fun. Perhaps I'll post about it tomorrow. Go enjoy your day and if your trying to figure out something good to eat try some Chinese Food!

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