Side Tracked

I've been a little side tracked as of late from blogging. I've been consumed with watching amazing athletes like this...I should be back on track after the Olympic Winter Games are over. I just love the Olympics and it seems like there are hours and hours of it still to watch on my DVR. I gotta catch up!


Gorgeous Genealogy

These genealogy charts really make me want to do some work on my family tree. I love how they are so modern and interesting.Genealogy is hard for me to do. I know I have some family members who are really into it right now. I just have a hard time focusing on it. I think if these were involved I would have a little more motivation. Check out the gorgeousness at My Tree & Me. Also you can enter to win a custom chart titled "Ripples in a Pond" at the Bright Side Project right now. Just beautiful!



I can't remember where I found this, but I had to pass it along. Because... well... it is brilliant! Customizable clothing. The online shop is called eShakti, and it has adorable cloths that you can customize. How does it work you ask? Well take this lovely little number...Cute right? Well I personally wouldn't be able to wear this dress. I would need a little longer sleeve. Guess what. You can add a longer sleeve. Or change the length. Or even change the size of the scoop neck. I'm telling you this is a dream come true for a girl like me who has a hard time finding dresses that fit right! Go check it out right now! I mean it! Beautiful things that would work for anyone!


Rough Draft

These are the Valentine's I'm making this year. Hopefully they will come out a little more refined. This one was the test run. I feel like whenever I do some sort of craft I have to do a test run first. To see if what is in my head will actually translate. A lot of times it doesn't. This time I don't think they are as cute as I was hoping, but they are close enough. So I'm going ahead, and hopefully now that I have done it once they will just get cuter and cuter.

For some reason I've been having a lot of fun sewing paper lately. So when I saw this post over at MADE I knew I had to give it a try. Her Valentine's are so cute right? She is so creative & her blog is a constant source of inspiration. I'm going to have a lot of fun perfecting this one.


I Heart You

I've been seeing really cute Valentine's Garland around the blog universe lately. Then when my sister Aubrey made the most adorable felt heart garland it got me thinking I needed some garland of my own. However I didn't want to spend any money and I didn't have any cute colored felt on hand. I did have some gold paper heart doilies. So I got to work. I just fead it through my sewing machine and poof. Five minutes later. Gold heart garland. I used fourteen hearts end to end for the Fourteenth day of February. Sure the felt hearts are way cuter and far more durable, but for free it's not so bad. I'll make some felt hearts next year. Paper doilies always remind me of my Mom. She was really creative with me as a kid. She used to get packs of these in white and then put me to work coloring them. It would keep me busy for a good long time. I totally remember taking my time filling in all the little flowers and details on the white paper. Trying so hard not to slip onto what ever was underneath. It was a fun art project. One that I'm excited to do with Miss. S when she is a little older.


For the Love of Shoes!

I have been obsessing over these babies all week. To bad they are more of a want rather than a need. Good thing I have a big birthday coming up.


Revere Ware

I just made lunch so this is fresh on my mind. Recently I inherited a few Revere Ware pots. I didn't know until recently the glory of a good pot. I got a cheap set of Farberware Non-stick pots before I got married, and they have served their purpose well I suppose. The frying pan is no longer in use but everything else is. I really have no complaints with them, but I don't have any praises to sing either. My views on pots have changed as of late. My new (to me that is. These pots are actually quite old) copper bottomed Revere Ware pots are a joy to cook with. They bring things to a boil so quickly. They heat food so evenly. They clean up splendidly, and they are sturdy. They are the same pots and pans my Mother used all while I was growing up. I would really love a whole set! I've read some reviews on-line saying that the new Revere Ware isn't what it used to be. I guess that is the story with most Kitchen items right? I mean if you bought a Kitchen Aid in 1975 it will be higher quality than one made today. So it looks like I'm on the hunt now. I need to hit up some thrift stores and consignment shops to find me some vintage pots!


Kid Art

We have been spending a lot of time at home lately. Since Miss. S got sick we were advised to keep her home for a couple weeks. So that is where we have been. Still I feel like I've been very busy. The medication she is on makes her one needy kid. So to pass the time we've been doing a lot of art projects. She loves to paint! Art has been my biggest life saver during this whole thing. Now I just need two things. More project ideas that are age appropriate, and to figure out what to do with all of it. Because really there is nothing cuter than kid art. Am I right?