It's been A Looooooong Time...

But here I am again. I do that don't I? Disappear for a while then show up again out of the blue. I've been thinking about this blog a lot lately actually. I pull it up and look at it a while and think... Boy there is no hope for this little blog endeavor. I dropped the ball. Truth is I love this blog. I need to pretty it up a bit. Make a nice banner, but I really love having a place to vent creatively. Life got away from me though. Excuses piled up and before I knew it neglect had set in. Not just with this blog but with my family blog too. My most important excuse is I'm expecting my second baby, which I'm over the moon about. However I was sicker than sick, and truly not motivated to do anything but lay in bed. Then when I got my energy back a couple weeks ago I kept looking at this page thinking that the damage was done. I failed my little blog. Then I read this. About six photos down one says Keep Trying Anyway. You fell down once, maybe even twice. It hurt. It has taken such a long time to get it all going again... but you are amazing... so you KEEP TRYING ANYWAY. I was inspired to get going again. For me. Because I need to do something I love creatively and consistently. I'm going to try again. It's my blog anyway right? I guess technically I can come and go as I please. So there you have it. I'm back.
Oh and as for this little Mister. He will be joining our family around April Fool's Day. I couldn't be more excited.