What I'm Loving Right This Second

Floral Cabochons. I just bought a ton of these for a project I'm doing. In all different colors. I can't even explain my excitement! Aren't they pretty?

So What If I'm Fickle?!!?

I'm having issues with this blog. I have another blog that is private for my family and I've always liked the idea of having a second blog to vent creatively. The problem is just that. I like the idea of this blog but I've never been in love with this blog. I liked my other blog before this little better, but I didn't love the name. With this blog I put some unfair pressures on myself to make it into something it will never be. I know I've neglected this blog over the past several months. I've been busy with some things in my personal life. However now I feel like I need it again, but I need to make it fun and easy. I tried out an Etsy shop and I don't think it's for me (at least not right now). So no more Etsy and no more pressure. Just a place for me to organize my creative impulses. If you still want to read it than fantastic. If not than oh well. I give you Sweetly Nostalgic! I hope you'll stick around!