Getting My Stitch On

I did a lot of sewing this weekend. When I say a lot I mean it! Miss. S has been needing some more jammies for a while now. I've been waiting for them to go on sale but this weekend I got tired of waiting. After some serious brainstorming I thought of making some pajama pants for her out of some of her old receiving blankets. Total cost for 3 pairs of pants was $6. I bought a pattern and elastic and that is it. Here are the old blankets that my sister Jessy made for me.And the new jammie pants after.I used Simplicity Pattern #2734 and it really was quite simple. I even have a lot of fabric left over for when she gets a little bigger. Here they are on a sleepy model.I loved that I could go through a closet and find something old and turn it into something new. It was so much fun.

Tomorrow I'll show the other sewing project I worked on!

Lot's of posts coming up

Since I was sick last week I didn't get to posting all that I had hoped to. So there will be a lot of posts this week. So keep checking back because I have a few fun things in store. Including a really fun giveaway! The first post will be later today!


Sick Day(s)

Sorry this week has been post free. I came down with the worst cold of my life last Friday. So everything else has been put on hold. The bed was left unmade, dishes undone. Toys were left out, and of coarse the blog was unattended to. I'm starting to feel better though so maybe I'll have something fun for tomorrow.


I Did It!

I got my first 3 items up in the shop finally! By the end of the weekend there will be two more. In the weeks to come there will be more and more. I'm so happy I got it started. My two very favorite items are listed. The alphabet magnet sets turned out so much better than I imagined! Please take a look! I hope that you all enjoy, and please spread the word!


The Process Begins

So today I dove into the world of Etsy. I'm not sure what I was expecting. I thought I would get everything set up and opened today, but there is kinda a lot of little steps to do and things to think about. So I got everything started. I'm still getting my policies, and descriptions, and other things all written up. I will definitely have everything done this week! I'm getting anxious and excited!



...From a quick trip out to the shore. Check back next Monday for the word on Etsy.


Orange Cup and Showcasing San Antonio

I took Miss. S to Orange Cup today. It is a frozen yogurt shop kinda like a Pinkberry (but I think it is better). This was her first experience with the tangy sweet goodness that it is. After each bite she looked at me with excitement in her eyes and exclaimed "That's good!" and then she would grab for the spoon again. Ahhh a girl after my own heart. I love how much she talks these days.

P.S. I need to mention that there is a lovely article on San Antonio food in this months Martha Stewart Living. This city has some fantastic restaurants. The photos in the article make my mouth water. However I can't find any of them online so go get the magazine!


Extend the Life of Mascara

A little while back I treated myself to a pricey mascara. I love it! It makes my lashes look ten times thicker, longer, and darker. However I found that it has dried out quicker than I would expect for the money I paid for it. Maybe it has something to do with me accidentally leaving it in the car on very hot San Antonio afternoons. Needless to say I was pretty bummed. I don't splurge very often. So I looked up tricks to extend the life of your mascara. Here is the greatest trick I found. It actually works really well. So if your mascara is running low or drying out DON'T throw it away! Try this first!Fill a mug about half way with water. Microwave on high for about a minute and a half. Make sure your tube of mascara is closed tightly and place in mug. Just make sure that the top is not in the water. Leave in for about one to two minutes. Then open and apply. You may have to repeat the process for both eyes. Don't pump your mascara as it dries it out faster. Make-up artists recommend changing your mascara every 3 months. So maybe this will extend it an extra month.


Showcasing Austin

I always love getting my Anthropologie catalog in the mail. The photography is always so inspiring. I also love the city of Austin Texas. Which I only live about an hour away from. It is such a fun & funky place to spend the day. Imagine my excitement when I opened the pages of this months catalog only to find one of my favorite cities gracing it's beautiful pages.Such a great city! So much to do and see! Lot's of music and festivals! Seriously you should visit Austin ASAP!