Monthly Photo Project: 8 Months Old

Oh man this picture was HARD to get. I guess when I started this I wasn't thinking about rolling, sitting and crawling. I had to shoot him twice to get anything half way decent. So this will have to do. The next four pictures are going to just get harder and harder to take! This boy is amazing! He brings a lot of fun into our life that's for sure! 


This Crazy Time Of Year.

I haven't blogged in a month!!! Yikes!!! Life is a little crazy & hectic right now. And it's just going to get worse because I got a job. Job + Husband + Girl + Boy + Christmas + Dog + Instagram Addiction = Blog neglect. That's just going to have to be the way it is for a little while. And that's ok with me. This job I know is a blessing and we sure do need it right now. So if other areas slip a little it will have to be ok with me. I'll post when I can. If you stick with me I know you won't regret it when I do get around to posting. I can assure you there will be a monthly photo popping up sometime over the next few days. That should be fun! 

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