I can't remember where I found this, but I had to pass it along. Because... well... it is brilliant! Customizable clothing. The online shop is called eShakti, and it has adorable cloths that you can customize. How does it work you ask? Well take this lovely little number...Cute right? Well I personally wouldn't be able to wear this dress. I would need a little longer sleeve. Guess what. You can add a longer sleeve. Or change the length. Or even change the size of the scoop neck. I'm telling you this is a dream come true for a girl like me who has a hard time finding dresses that fit right! Go check it out right now! I mean it! Beautiful things that would work for anyone!

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Beth said...

Have you ordered anything? I think I saw this on Sensibly Styled. The stuff is cute for sure. I wonder what the quality is like. Maybe I will check it out. I need a dress for a wedding rehearsal this spring.