Revere Ware

I just made lunch so this is fresh on my mind. Recently I inherited a few Revere Ware pots. I didn't know until recently the glory of a good pot. I got a cheap set of Farberware Non-stick pots before I got married, and they have served their purpose well I suppose. The frying pan is no longer in use but everything else is. I really have no complaints with them, but I don't have any praises to sing either. My views on pots have changed as of late. My new (to me that is. These pots are actually quite old) copper bottomed Revere Ware pots are a joy to cook with. They bring things to a boil so quickly. They heat food so evenly. They clean up splendidly, and they are sturdy. They are the same pots and pans my Mother used all while I was growing up. I would really love a whole set! I've read some reviews on-line saying that the new Revere Ware isn't what it used to be. I guess that is the story with most Kitchen items right? I mean if you bought a Kitchen Aid in 1975 it will be higher quality than one made today. So it looks like I'm on the hunt now. I need to hit up some thrift stores and consignment shops to find me some vintage pots!

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