The Final Product

So this is what I came up with for our home made Valentine's. I really liked the heart dum dum flowers from before. I just wanted to involve Miss. S a little more. My cousin actually gave me the idea for this. She suggested turning her paintings into greeting cards in the post about kids art. I just thought that was such a good idea. So it inspired me to make the same Valentine's as before but have Miss. S paint the hearts. I think it turned out much much cuter and it actually got her in to the whole process. Instead of me just taking over and making something for her. She loved doing this and she is so excited to give them to her favorite friends!
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Beth said...

Yes! I love this. One thing that bugs me about homemade Valentine's is if the kid isn't really involved. I hate starting a project and then taking over. It makes me feel bad in the end that the kids weren't part of it. And it's their Valentine, so they should have their stamp on it. I love these ones. Good job Scout.

Bailey said...

I was totally feeling bad last week when I started making them for her. It is so much more meaningful for her when she actually puts her mark on them. It was really fun to see her really understand Valentine's Day this year.