Under Construction

I'm trying really hard to get this blog all prettied up and organized better. So please excuse me while I'm moving things around and tweaking things here and there. Hopefully soon I'll have it just the way I want it. I've been working on labeling my posts better so that if you are looking for a specific post from the past it will be easier to find. However it's not the easiest task. Oh well it'll get there. I hope it will be an easier blog to navigate when I'm finished.

Remember this post about new bedding from a couple weeks ago? Imagine my excitment when I saw this photo on Apartment Therapy yesterday.
Kiki from Kiki Creates made this bedding. Amazing right? It is exactly what I envisioned when I saw that bedding on Urban Outfitters. All white with pops of color in the pillows. It is perfect! She did 4 big projects in this room for under $70. So impressive. I admire her skills.

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