Baby Tunes

Last night we put together a mix cd for when the baby arrives. We had several Rockabye Baby! cd's from when we had Miss. S. So we put all of our favorites together onto one mix. We love these cd's! It's so fun to hear some of your favorite songs made for your little ones. Everything from Bob Marley to Coldplay or even ACDC. Let's be honest kids music can get really old after you've heard it over and over. These really aren't so bad. Miss. S listened to music during every nap so they came in really handy.


Beth said...

Bailey - Send me your address and I will send you a few cds from the music class I teach now. They are great. Kids love the music and so do parents. :)

These look good, too. I will check them out - maybe on itunes?

Bailey said...

Oh that would be wonderful! I'll email you right now!!!