My Mascara Obsession

Some of you may know I'm obsessed with mascara. I'm constantly on the search for the perfect one. The closest I've ever come is Diorshow Blackout. I love how full and dark it makes my lashes look. Almost like wearing false lashes. However for $25 a tube it is a splurge when I get it. Also I feel like it dries out faster than any other mascara I've ever used. When you pay that much you want it to last a few months at least. I wonder if all Diorshow mascaras have the same problem. Since I can't always splurge on my favorite I've been using Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara. Honestly it's a pretty good substitute, and for around $5 a tube you really can't beat it.
However as I get older I have the same problem that many other women have. My eye lashes are getting thinner and thinner. Those Claire Danes Latisse commercials are super tempting, but having to go to a doctor and get a prescription is a pain. Not to mention I'm sure it's expensive. So when I saw the advertisements for a drug store version by Revlon my interest was piqued. I wasn't running out to buy it though, because who knows if it actually works. So about two weeks ago I was in Walmart waiting for an oil change and I walked by the makeup and low and behold Revlon Grow Luscious was on sale. So I snagged a tube. So after 2 weeks of using it I thought I would do a little review.
I'm actually pretty impressed. The reviews online were really mixed. I got it in black shimmer which is supposed to add a little shimmer to your lashes. Honestly the color isn't all that great. I'm used to really black mascaras so this one felt a little weak. The brush is huge which I'm not sure I love yet. I takes a few coats to actually look like your wearing mascara. OK all that doesn't sound great. Here are the good parts though. I didn't buy it for color or anything other than strengthening and hopefully to grow in some new lashes. I already had another kind for everything else. You know what? I've noticed a difference. My eyelashes were falling out when I was washing my make up off at night, and now they aren't. So less eye lashes falling out means fuller lashes. So it does indeed strengthen my lashes and in turn keeps them thicker. I wish I had taken before and after pictures but I didn't. You'll just have to take my word for it. If I use one coat of this and one coat of the Maybelline blackest black then I get the desired look I want. It's way cheaper and a lot more convenient than Latisse too. So overall it did what I wanted it to do. I would say it's totally worth it, but maybe layer it with another favorite brand.

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