Vintage Embroidery Hoops

Sorry this is a day late. We had a sick house yesterday. We are all on the mend now after a day of napping though.I first saw this idea on A Little Sussy and thought what a fun easy way to add a little color to a room. So I made these for Miss. S's room a couple summers ago with the help of my Mom. About half of these hoops came from the DI in Logan Utah and the other half my Mom gave me. They were handed down to her from my Grandma B. I loved the idea of using this small family treasure in a new way for my little girl. They hang in her room above her crib. Sadly her crib bedding was washing the day I took this picture. I'll get a picture soon of the whole effect.

I'm posting this now for two reasons. #1 I think I'm going to change the fabric out of them soon (Except for the S). I'm updating a few things in her room and the fabric that is in them now probably won't go. I wanted to document what they look like now.

And #2 I think this is the perfect post to explain why I chose Sweetly Nostalgic for the official name of this blog (no more changes). I love items whether for your home, to wear, to play with, anything, that evoke a feeling of nostalgia. I have a lot of family heirlooms that have been handed down to me that I love and use in my home. I also love shopping for and using vintage items. Even new items that have a vintage feel I am drawn too. I love certain memories that mere objects can stir up in your mind. When I look at these embroidery hoops it makes me think of the women in my life my Mom, Grandmothers, sisters, and Aunts. I'm reminded that I come from a long line of ladies that were and are great at making something out of nothing. That have wonderful talents and make beautiful things.

If you want to make these it's really easy. Start collecting embroidery hoops and fabric. I would say 8-12 different sizes and patterns would be sufficient. I usually like using odd numbers but this ended up being even. It really doesn't matter. Place your fabric in the hoop and pull tight. I used a hot glue gun to secure to the hoop. Last trim the access fabric and hang. The poor little one at the bottom broke when Miss. S began standing up in her crib, and could reach it. So if you are hanging it over a crib make sure you hang it out of reach of little hands.

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