I Love A Fresh Start

I love what a New Year brings. A fresh start. A chance to look back on your accomplishments the previous year, but also an opportunity to look forward to where you want to go next in life. Last year I made a list of what I wanted to do in 2009. I achieved about a quarter of my list. Hey a quarter is better than nothing right? This year maybe I'll get to a third.In 2010 I want to sew a lot more and become a lot better. I want to organize my home and keep it that way. I want to make my bed more often. I want to laugh more and cry less. I hope to get my eating habits under control and work out more. I hope to read more scriptures and pray a little harder. It would be nice to maybe add one more to our little family. I want to spend more time in the Hill Country and at the beach. I want to breath in and relax a lot more. I hope to get things done and not stress about them. I want to love life and be happy now. I hope 2010 is my best year yet and yours too!

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Judy said...

Me too!!