Hair Clip Tutorial Revisited

I remember a long time ago I planned on reposting all of the tutorials from Absolutely Cheesy on this blog. I got around to doing the Applique with a few modifications, but then didn't do any others. So here is the hair clip tutorial. It reminds me that I haven't made any recently, and all of Miss.S's are starting to look a little worn. So maybe I should make her a whole new batch. Enjoy!
For my baby shower one of my good friends gave me a set of these hair clips. They were one of my favorite things to receive, and now I give them away at all the baby girl showers I go to. I love them and they are so easy to make. You can easily whip out a set of 10 in a half hour. This is a tutorial on the "easy" way to make them. Meaning with a glue gun. If you are too good for a glue gun then I can't help you. There will be no hand sewing hair clips today.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a writer. I don't do grammar, spelling, and all that nonsense. So please don't be offended if my writing is bad. Also I'm not a very good photographer. Enjoy!

Hair Clips (box of 100 $4.99 @ Sally Beauty Supply)
Glue Gun
Scrap Booking Brads
Silk Flowers

1. Cut length of ribbon. About 4.5 inches.
2. Clip the hair clip onto ribbon length wise.

3. Glue top of clip over opening. Fold ribbon over being sure to keep flat and straight. This will seal inside and outside of the top of clip together.

4. Glue end of clip and push ribbon in to cover the part you pinch.

5. Glue back side of the pincher and fold ribbon over to finish. I like to keep the main part of the back of clip plain because I feel like it grips the hair better. You can cover it if you would like, but it doesn't really show.

6. Deconstruct your silk flower. Throw away the center but keep everything else.

7. Arrange petals and pick out a scrapbooking Brad. Stick the prongs of your brad through the center of your petals. If you feel like your petals are lying too flat then you can use the extra plastic piece from your silk flower to add some lift. I usually like to use 2-3 layers of petals. You can make them as big or as small as you would like.

8. When you get your flowers looking the way you would like them too glue to the top center of your ribbon covered clip.

That's it you are done (see photo at the top of post). I use a lot of variations on this idea. For lazy days when I just put the munchkin in a onesie I will use a clip that is just covered in ribbon. For church I use the flowers or I have made them with bows too. You can put anything on these babies and they will look adorable. But my favorites are the flowers!

And yes I am having a giveaway. The lucky winner will win a set of 10 clips. 4 flowers, 3 ribbon, and 3 bows. So leave a comment below, and link this post to your blog or website. Do this by Monday Sept. 1. The winner will be announced on Tuesday Sept. 2. Anyone can enter and the winner is chosen randomly by my DH out of a hat.

Make some! You will be surprised by how easy they are and how cute they will look in your kiddos hair!

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