Fabric Applique My Way

Here is the newly revised, much more simple tutorial for Fabric Applique. On the old blog it was the onesie tutorial but really you could use it for just about anything!
You Will Need

*Fusible Webbing ( one that has a double sided temporary adhesive)
Fabric Scraps

Embroidery Floss

Fusible Fabric Stabilizer

1. Cut out a square of fusible webbing the size of your pattern. Peel off one side of paper and stick to fabric. Iron onto fabric.2. Trace your pattern onto remaining paper backing and cut out. These first two steps cut out several steps from the last tutorial saving you a lot of time.3. Peel the remaining paper off, stick to the item you are working with. Iron on.4. At this point you can embellish however you wish. I really love hand embroidering, but you can use a machine, or leave it be. What ever you like really.5. After you are finished if it is for an article of clothing like a baby onesie I like to take a square of fabric stabilizer and iron to the back to seal in the knots so that it is smooth against the skin. The one I use has a fabric side and a fusible side. Just ask someone at your local fabric store and they can point you in the right direction as to what would be the best to use (as I don't really know what it's really called. If you know let me know!)

*Note* As for the fusible webbing I love Steam-A-Seam 2. So far it is the best I've used. And don't get the light version. I find it's not as good. Also this lovely fabric is by Sandi Henderson from her Farmer's Market collection. You can view the collection here. Very cute stuff!

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