Meet Babe

Much like Paul Bunyan's Ox my sewing machine is big, blue, and reliable. It's old. I don't know how old. Probably as old as the story of Paul and Babe. It's super heavy weighing around 75-80 lbs. It's got some problems such as the reverse is broken and I keep having to super glue parts in place. You know what though? I started out hating this machine, but over the last year I have learned to love her. I have figured out how to maneuver around her idiosyncrasies and create things I am really proud of.

So this year for my birthday my husband and his family pitched in to get me a new Brother machine. I am terrified of that machine. It's shiny, white, and really really fast. Sewing on Babe has slowed me down to a more methodical pace. Which I thoroughly enjoy. Babe is now my crutch. I find myself lugging her out of the closet, all 75 lbs. of her, when ever I want to do a project. I know I need to use my new machine. It was such a wonderful gift and exactly what I asked for. It will just take some time I think. At least to get used to the speed.

Anyway sorry to ramble. There is an actual moral to my story. My point is if you have a desire to sew or to be "crafty" then do it! Don't let a 75 lb. Ox get in your way. Learn to sew. It is an important skill. It can save you money, and it will get you creating unique and beautiful things. Find a machine on Craig's List and sign up for classes at your local fabric store. Don't keep thinking about it and just do it. You will be so happy you did. I promise!


StacyBug said...

Did you get that from Mom? She gave me a Babe too, a very old Pfaff. It says made in West Germany that's how old it is! But its great I've fixed it a few times and each time I take it in the guy says don't get rid of this machine they don't make them the same anymore.

Bailey said...

Yeah Mom gave it to me. Where did she get all these machines? It's a great machine it just needs a couple things fixed. I wasn't sure if it was worth it to fix. I guess I should take it in.