Not About The Hair Clips

They just happen to always take center stage though. I needed someway to present them to their new owners. They needed a little packaging I guess you could say. So I picked up a pack of these white merchandise tags from Office Depot. I was just going to put the hair clips on them plain, but when I did that it just looked too boring. So I cut pieces of vintage sheets and zigzag stitched them to the tags. Then I attached the hair clips. There you have it. A million times better don't you think? It was really easy and really fun.I love vintage sheets. I love the patterns. I love the colors. I love the feel of them. So soft and... well... worn in. You can find them at pretty much any thrift store for super cheep. However I found the coolest shop. I know what you're thinking. She is ALWAYS talking about Etsy. It's true I am. I just think it's a great resource for finding materials, and I think it is important to support artists & crafters in their handmade small businesses. Anyway about this shop. Whimsie Dots has been collecting vintage bed linens for a long time. She cuts them into quilt squares, fat quarters, and half yards. Then she matches them up by color or theme. It can take months of collecting from thrift stores to have enough patterns for a blanket. So she has done the work for you. Her prices are really fair too. And doesn't it feel good and green to re-purpose them into something new?

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