You Brightened My Day

Not that my day was off to a bad start. It wasn't. It was just shaping up to be an average one. Until I checked my mailbox at lunch . I have been waiting with baited breath for my winnings to arrive. You might be thinking "What's that she said? Winnings?". You got it. I won something for the first time in my life! The best part is YOU can win something fantastic too. I heard about The Bright Side Project a while ago. Maybe spring of last year. I entered several of their fantastic giveaways (they have one everyday). Then in November the Granddaddy of all giveaways, the giveaway that made my heart skip a beat showed up on my google reader. A chance to win not one but two gift certificates to Lisa Leonard Designs. I entered thinking "I'm not really going to win this but I have to try anyway". Well much to my amazment I did win. And you know what? It did brighten my day, and month actually, and now that today has rolled around it brightened my day all over again. Because I got this little lovely in my mailbox.Isn't it pretty. I love it so much I'm not going to take it off for a long time. Probably not until I get the Heart Strings necklace that just appeared on her website. *Hint Hint Honey. This little number is called the Family Crest necklace. Go to her website. Buy beautiful things. Go to The Bright Side Project. Win beautiful things. You will be so happy you did.

Oh and in case you were wondering. I gave the second gift certificate to my amazing big sister. She just had baby number three. A little girl named Eli (cute huh?). I thought she definitely needed some Mommy jewelry. A Christmas/Push Present (wait are those only from the Daddy?).

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I love her line... :0) Amy