Out of the Mouths of Babes

A couple of days ago Miss S (or shall we call her Super S) looked at me, and with a very serious expression on her face she told me "Mommy I want to make something important". It made my heart melt. My first thought was Oh how I hope she does someday. I hope she makes something or says something or does something very important. I'm not sure she really understood what she said. Does she really know what the word important means? She is only two after all. I'm just going to pretend that she fully meant what she said though. The mind of a child is a wonderful thing. The future is far away and they get to dream so big.

It got me thinking about myself though. I turn thirty in about three months. I've always looked forward to this birthday. Instead of dreading it. It makes me think though at twenty nine have I done anything important. I thought about the first eighteen years of my life and thought about how badly I messed them up. Then I thought about the next seven or so years and how they progressively got better. Then it dawned on me. I have done two very important things in my life and nothing else matters to me at this point. I married a wonderful man and created a perfect little girl. A little girl who is the most important thing I have done yet. Thank goodness for children who remind us in small ways how wonderful life is. How even the smallest acts can be very important.

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Allen Family said...

What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing.