I didn't blog yesterday because I spent all day working on these. So I deeply apologize. In my family we have a tradition of drawing names instead of giving to every person every year. Now that we are all grown and have families we draw families. This year I have my sister Stacy. She has three boys. The first two are twins. To be honest I don't know them really really well. I live in Texas and they live in Utah. I adore them and we always have a lot of fun when we do see them. Not to mention they are great with Miss. S. I had a hard time figuring out what to do for them though. So I decided to tap into their love of video games and make them Mario Brothers T-Shirts. Mario and Luigi for the twins (naturally) and Toadie for the youngest (of coarse). I used the tutorial on MADE for Freezer Paper Stencils. It was really fun to make and pretty easy. You can kinda tell that Toadie was my first one though and Luigi was the last, but all in all I love how they turned out. Don't be surprised if I do more with this technique later on. I think this baby in my belly needs some cute onsies or something.

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