Gift Giving 101: Get Personal

Image found on CocoShack
The last tip was to be thoughtful. What's more thoughtful than a personalized gift (such as the silhouette)? Either handmade or purchased it's always special to get something with your name, initials, or another special element on it. It only takes a few minutes browsing through Etsy to see how many fun options are out there. You could do art work like the picture above. A keepsake ornament like this one from Lisa Leonard. For kids you could do plates or cups like the adorable ones from Sarah & Abraham. You can do a DIY project such as this really cute custom banner, initial pillows, or wall letters. The possibilities are really endless. I'm pretty sure anything can be personalized these days. Giving your gifts a personal touch elevates them into something the receiver can have as a keepsake. Your gifts will be the stars under any tree. So get personal and the people on your list will love it!

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