The Great Debate: Real or Fake

I think this year is the first year I've ever looked at a fake tree and wished I had one. I've always been a firm believer of going to pick out the perfect REAL Christmas Tree. I would even love to go out to one of the Christmas Tree Farms not too far from where we live to get one (Here and Here). I would do it every year just for the fresh scent it brings to my home. This year though I didn't exactly get to pick out my own tree. My wonderful husband picked one up on his way home from work. And although it is a beautiful tree, even a grand tree, it has it's flaws. Mainly it's dryness. Our house is riddled with needles right now. I'm kind of envying the cleanliness and symmetry of a fake tree. So what do you do in your family? Real? Fake? Every other year you switch it up? And why do you do what you do? Above is my favorite Christmas Tree we have ever had. It felt a little Charlie Brownish to me. Little and scrawny, but perfect.


Marie said...

fake- with the lights already on. Too many allergies in this family for a real tree:)

Seth & Kirie said...

FAKE! I don't think the mess and the hassle is worth having a fake tree...we have a fake AND pre-lit tree. It makes me happy :)