My DIY Christmas

It seems like every year around this time my Husband says to me "We're on a really tight budget. Don't spend too much". So I buy my Christmas presents, send Christmas Cards and maybe get 1 or 2 things to decorate around the house and that's it. This year I was looking at my stash of Christmas Decorations and thinking how sparse it looked. However we're on that tight budget again so I can't go out and spend like crazy. So I've turned to the internet and my craft closet to see if I can spruce up the place. My first project was this paper garland. The tutorial says to use a 2 inch punch, paper glue, 2 yards of string, and coordinating paper. I had on hand a 1.5 inch punch, double stick tape and yarn. The only thing I really had to buy was coordinating paper. I found a winter/snowflake themed mat pack at Joann's on sale for $5. We have a lot of snowflake decorations in blues, whites and silver so I immediately thought it would be perfect.
I really like the way it turned out. I will admit that it would have looked a little better (a little fuller) with a two inch punch and obviously it would have been more sturdy with glue and not tape. What can I say I had to make it work. Despite these things it still turned out pretty good! It is a really easy project too. This week I'm mostly working on our stockings and maybe some ornaments. Hopefully I'll have something to show soon!

Here's another paper garland that is super cute and would be really easy.

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