Gift Giving 101: It's the Thought that Counts

This may be obvious but I feel like it's an important rule. I've heard a couple stories through friends recently that goes to show not everyone thinks this way. I think this is important as a gift giver and a receiver. I don't care if a gift cost $5 or $50 the best gifts are the ones you could tell a lot of thought went into it. Some years I'm better at this than others. I think this year I really thought about each gift a lot. This was my gift from my sister Aubrey last year...
So cute right? And something that spoke right to my heart. My sister-in-law Jody gives really thoughtful gifts every year single year also. I'd much rather get a hand made silhouette of my daughter than a DVD player or jewelry. And most likely it will save you some money. In this economy that is really important right? As a receiver if someone gives you something that obviously didn't cost an arm and a leg but you can tell a lot of time and thought went into it then appreciate it! I once heard someone say "If your not going to spend at least $20 on me then don't get me anything at all." All I have to say to that is rude! Now I understand some people are harder than others. My Father-in-Law is tough, but I know he is a sucker for his Grand Children so I think anything that involves them he will love. I just encourage people to really think about each person on your list and thoughtfully pick something out for them. Don't just throw something in a box at the last minute and call it good. It's the thought that counts in the end, and everyone loves to feel thought of.

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