Baby Boys.

When I was pregnant with Miss. S I could have sworn that I was having a boy. I had a name picked out, bedding, artwork, everything. All for this little babe who I was sure to be a boy. It came as somewhat of a shock when the ultra sound came back saying I was having a sweet little girl. This time around I could have sworn I was having a girl. My instincts are way off.

Well now that I'm finally having the boy I thought I was having before all the things I had picked out are no longer available (Except the name). I really wanted this fantastic white ceramic owl lamp from Urban Outfitters. Gone. Great Japanese import fabric from Repro Depot. Gone. So I'm trying to figure out all that I want for this little guy's soon to be nursery. I have found one thing that I have to have.
My Husband has a real thing for Red Dragons. Always has. I think it will be a good jumping off point. I'm not big on theme rooms. In fact I can't stand them. So the whole room will not be a dragon theme but this little guy will have to be incorporated some how.

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