Gift Recieving 101: On-Line Wish Lists

That's right I said receiving. There is something to be said about being a good receiver too. I've been told I am hard to shop for. Now of coarse I find no truth to that, but in order to help my Husband with his shopping around this time of year I always put together an email complete with links. Per his request of coarse. Sometimes he uses it sometimes he doesn't, but it always gives him some ideas. Amazon has made this really easy with their Wish List feature. I know a lot of people are using this feature more and more, and I would just like to offer up a little advice in regards to using this handy tool. Whenever I create my Christmas List for Denny I make sure to put things on it in all different categories and price points. This year it contained things from a book to a sweater to photography classes. There was such a variety of things that no matter what his budget he could figure out something that would work. Don't I repeat don't put only expensive items on your list. Some people may not have the budget to drop $50 or $100 on you. So include items that are $10 $15 and $20 as well. That way you won't be disappointed when they don't get you something from your list. Better yet just don't be disappointed if someone gets you something that's not on your list. Some people will use it and some people won't, and you know what? That's ok. Receive all gifts with a smile!

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