Gift Giving 101: The Rhyme/Something to Read

Around this time of year it's hard not to think about gift giving. That's a huge part of Christmas right? As I've gotten older I've thought a lot about what makes a good gift giver. I can think of a couple people in my life who I think have it down. My oldest sister (well all of my sisters actually) is one of those people. My other sister just posted on this same thing on her family blog today and I also saw this very rhyme the other day on Bloom. I hate to repeat things but I kinda wanted to add my two cents. Anyway I've come up with some rules for myself that I think help make gift giving a little easier. I like to start with my sister's rhyme

Something they Want
Something they Need
Something to Wear
Something to Read

I love this. It covers everything! I especially love the Something to read. Now that Miss. S is a little older she can sit through longer books and she really enjoys them. I've been thinking a lot about books that every little girl should have in their collection. Here are my top three.
What do you think? What are some essential books to have in your little girl's collection? Or in any child's collection?

Over the next couple weeks I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite gift giving tips in a series I'm calling Gift Giving 101. I hope it helps some of you who stress about Christmas Shopping every year.

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Marie said...

Pinkalicious, Purplelicious are favorites for my girls! (along with the three you listed... Claire is getting Ladybug Girl for Christmas too!)