Gift Giving 101: Friends, Coworkers & Neighbors

image found on Mibo
I intentionally waited until after Christmas to post this one. Right about now you are probably in your kitchen deciding which treats you really want to eat and which to pitch in the trash. You'll probably throw away at least half of the goodies you are given. So next year instead of slaving in the hot kitchen baking items that could eventually be thrown in the trash (no matter how good you think they are) think of something else, something useful that you can pass along. For the past couple of years I have purchased a printable PDF Calendar off Etsy that you can print multiple times. The one above I got this year for $4.35 from the shop Mibo. I print them off on cardstock, tied them up with Bakers twine and attached a pen. I think it's a great gift to give that can be useful all year. I know there are all kinds of other ideas too, but I'm on vacation. Therefore my brain is just not working to think up any more creative, useful things. This is just what I like to do & I think people appreciate the break from sugar! See you all next year!

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