Gift Giving 101: Thinking Outside the Box

Our Christmas Gifts last year. I have a serious thing for Hounds-tooth.
I've thought about this a lot lately. As Miss. S is starting to get older there's a lot more I want her to participate in. I would love for her to take dance, swimming lessons in the summer and preschool is right around the corner. I know a lot of people are in the same boat, and thinking about the cost of these things makes it a little overwhelming. Instead of another toy or sweater or book consider something that doesn't fit in a box. Think about your grandchildren, nieces and nephews or even your spouse. Is there something this person is really interested in learning or doing? Grandparents you might want to consider donating to a season of soccer. Husbands treat your wife to a couples cooking class. Get your boyfriend a lift ticket instead of the usual hoodie. Let me be clear I'm truly not throwing down hints for Denny. He has already shopped for me and I am positive I will love whatever he gets me. I'm just giving ideas of things you could do that are different. Something that you can't put into a box. Help them learn a new skill or develop their talents. I'm sure they would love it.

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