Pillow Case Skirt

A couple years ago when Miss. S was still a toddler I bought a darling embroidered vintage pillow case to make a pillow case dress. Well here I am two years later and I hadn't done anything with my cute pillow case. Let alone make a dress out of it. So I decided to do something about it just now. She's a bit too big for the dress I was planning but not too big for a skirt. I'll tell you what. This is the easiest skirt anyone could ever make. All you have to do is put in the waist band. That's it. You can find this type of pillow case at any flea market or antique mall across the country for around $5. It took me maybe a half hour to measure S, cut and sew it up. Pretty simple. She's now napping otherwise I would have had her model it for me. I was just too excited to get it on here.                                                                                                        
P.S. Is anyone else having issues getting their photos in the right spot with the new blogger? I am frustrated with it!

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