The Summer Slump

Look familiar? This is the photo I took to make my blog banner. 

I haven't blogged all week. I know. I'm a huge slacker. Honestly I've been lazy this week and not really all that motivated. I've determined it's because of the summer slump. It happens towards the end of the summer every year. This year it's just hitting a bit early. I found when I lived in Utah I would get the Winter Blues around the end of January early February. Right before spring. When the days are cold and gray and the inversion sets in. Well here in Texas it's the opposite. It happens in the summer. When the days are long and hot and it feels like the air is on fire. This summer has been a doozy. We've had very little rain and it has been in the triple digits for months it seems. It makes me want to lock myself in doors and lounge in the air conditioning. We went swimming with friends today. It felt so nice and refreshing. Now both kids are taking a nap and I get a minute to breath all to myself. It's great.

I'll be back next week. I promise. To be honest I needed this week to kinda slump around and not do much. I'm refreshed and ready to get some projects done. Even though I know we have several more weeks of hot days left I'm hoping this is the end of the slump. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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