Water Color Monogrammed Note Cards

Back in February I blogged about what to do with Children's Art. We love doing art projects around our house. So I'm always looking for new things to do with Miss. S and different ways to display/use them. My cousin had a really fantastic idea about using your child's art as note cards. That suggestion spawned our Valentine's this year. Which has evolved once more into some monogrammed note cards that I will be using as some Thank You notes. With just a little bit of prep on my part S and I got to work today painting away some cards. All I did was use scotch tape to make an L on the front of a notecard. Then after we had painted the front we peeled off the scotch tape to have our home made monogram. Miss. S had so much fun with this. She thought is was magic. Her face just lit up when I peeled that tape off and she saw the L. It was a lot of fun. Minimal effort for a really great activity with your kiddo. Just make sure you use tape that peels off easily and wait until it is completely dry. Other wise the paper might peel up with it.

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