A Baby Shower

This post is actually a little late. My friend Alecia and I threw a baby shower for our other friend Janice. She has since had the baby sweet Cambria Lily. The shower turned out pretty good. We had a lot of really yummy food which is the most important thing.I made the tissue paper Pom Pom's from this tutorial on Martha Stewart, and all I have to say is it wasn't as easy as it looks. It really wasn't that easy folding the paper even. It wasn't all that easy cutting the end. And it definitely wasn't easy fluffing them out. They turned out a little lopsided and hence they stayed on the table. Oh well I think it still looked cute. My favorite part of the event were the Oreo Cookie Truffles made from this tutorial on Bakerella. They were quite delicious. I had a lot of fun with this baby shower. Maybe someone out here should get pregnant so I can do it again.

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