Creative Brain Fart

That's what i've been going through for the last month. Or more. I've been feeling a little over whelmed and under inspired. All of the stresses of managing a home and being a mother of an almost two year old with a lot of energy are starting to pull me down a little. I know that my job as a stay at home mom and house wife really isn't that difficult, and a lot of you out there do it easily and well. But we all have our moments and as I have been doing my best I still feel so unorganized. When my life is cluttered it is really hard for me to feel inspired. So this blog, my sewing projects and my poor attempt at an Etsy shop are suffering from it.

I am happy to say that I am back on the rise. I have had a really good week with Miss. S (actually two weeks) and we have started to get organized as a family. Even though we don't have any back to school kids yet I feel like this time of year is perfect for reevaluating and reorganizing. In my opinion it's never too early to teach your children good habits. So our Family Home Evening this week was all about D&C 132:8 Mine house is a house of Order. For our activity we made up chore charts for each family member and for the family (pictured above). I'm cracking down school teacher style and I'm happy to report it's working. My little girl who is not yet two is doing simple chores daily. She is loving it because she wants to earn all her stickers. It is making a huge difference in our lives and I think by the end of the week I'll have my creative mojo back. Maybe my first project should be designing cuter chore charts. Until then I ask you this. What are your best organizational tips? What saves your sanity on a daily basis? What routines can you not live without? Let's discuss!


Karin said...

Hi Bailey! I will tell you that what saves my day is "shining my sink" every night before I turn in for the night. I got this from a place called flylady.net! There was a time when I got all down-in-the-dumps and I couldn't pull myself out. When Amanda turned me on to flylady! I decided to follow her plan to the T the best I could! I did it for about a year. Then I thought that I could "fly" without her! I have to some extent. I have found my groove influenced by a lot of what she does but what works for me. I fall off the wagan a lot but I can always get back on and find that it is easy to "catch up"!
She has great organizational tips and will clutter up your email if you don't keep up. LOL!
I love to organize...I live to organize and to teach others how their lives can be better just by "shining" your sink. It is amazing!
Good luck in your search. I will be posting my "chore chart" soon on my craft blog...as well as my "important papers" wall. These are my attempt in keeping my FAMILY organized! So check it out later this week and I will have it up!

Beth said...

Bailey - I have to say I am not good with doling out chores, but I think Tyler (for the most part) cleans up after himself and like to help me vacuum - stuff like that. I do agree with you - sticker charts work!!! I learned that during potty training. What is it about them that kids love? Another thing we do is we have a marble jar that Tyler fills up when he does good deeds or helps out. There are three stickers on the side of the jar representing different "levels", and when he reaches a sticker he get a special treat. Nothing expensive - maybe checking out a movie from the library, or going to get ice cream (that's a treat for me, too, so I like that one). I got the marble idea from a friend. She also takes marbles out when her child disobeys, but with Tyler that didn't work, so we only use it as a reward system. Disobeying has other consequences. :) Anyway - good luck with everything and have a wonderful fall. Scout is precious.

PS - Did I tell you that Adam is with Rage now. I guess they have a new talent department (commercial, legit stuff). Hopefully he'll get some good auditions thru them).

Bailey said...

Karin~ Thanks I'll definitely check it out!

Beth~ I like the jar idea! I think I may steal that when she gets a little older. How old was Tyler when you started?

Also Rage started the talent division before I left. Is his agent Lea? If it is then he is lucky! I LOVE her!!! I can't even explain how great I think she is. I know she's a really hard worker and will do all she can for Adam. I hope it goes well! Aw I really miss it right now :(