In Bloom...

I've been absent for a little while. So sorry! Spring has sprung in San Antonio and we are loving it! We have had a really cold and wet winter. So the sun and warmth is a welcome change. I'm having a lot of fun taking Miss. S outside to enjoy the sun. She is so much happier getting fresh air. So any and all projects have come to a halt. There are a few things I really want to get done before summer. I'm crossing my fingers that it actually happens. Keep checking back because you never know what you'll find.Since we've had such a wet winter all our bushes and trees have exploded with beautiful blooms. I feel like it is more so than usual. This is the bush right out our front door. It is covered in flowers. Every time I walk out the front door the most amazing scent hits me square in the face. It makes me swoon. I'll be sad when they are all gone again. Until then I will be taking it all in every day.

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