A Little Bling

Miss. S is the girliest little girl. I'm not sure why this surprises me but it does. Maybe because her closest friends are boys? I don't know. She has been begging me for days to look through my jewelry boxes. Finally tonight I caved. I ignored the sink full of dirty dishes and piles of laundry. I set her down and talked to her about each piece as she tried them all on. Where they came from. Who gave them to me. I have a lot of junk pieces that I have bought myself but I have some really special family heirlooms too. It was interesting that those were the ones she liked best. "Mommy my favorite is the one with the white lady... Or the pearls. I love the pearls... Or maybe the gold ring is my favorite. Yes the gold one." She was so careful and tender. It was such a sweet moment shared with my little girl. I don't know why it took me so long to do this with her. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to slow down and take a minute to enjoy this amazing kid. One on one. Doing something just for her. Make her feel like a true Princess. As I looked at her wearing five necklaces, multiple rings, bracelets, watches Ect. Dripping in "jewelies" (her word) I truly did see a little Princess.

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