App Love

It's no secret I love my iPhone. Like most of you out there with a smart phone I have a ton of apps I rarely use, but there are those rare handful that I find endlessly useful and fun. Some that even enrich my life. I have never been great at journaling. I'm good at it for a while then it trails off. I'm constantly trying new ways to get it right. The closest I've come is keeping a family blog, but along with this one it fell by the wayside this past year. I needed something quick, easy and convenient. Enter My Wonderful Days. I love this app. It has made journaling fun for me. Every night I jot down a little about my day. Swipe my emotion whether happy or sad. You can even add pictures if you want. It takes me 5 minutes every night. It has helped me a lot with remembering events and details that other wise would be lost in the jumble of my brain. It has also amazingly enough really helped me de-stress. So good job My Wonderful Days! I love your app! Oh and the design of the app is really great. The look of it is simple and clean and lovely.

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