Four Years Running

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had as much fun yesterday as we did. Miss. S is obsessed with Halloween and she makes this holiday so much fun for us. She has been talking about Halloween for months now. At the beginning of the summer she started asking to be Jessie for Halloween. Every single day she would ask. Then at the beginning of the month she switched to wanting to be a mad scientist. Then she changed her mind again and wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood. Then as we were shopping for materials for Little Red Riding Hood she changed her mind one last time. And this is what we ended up with... 
A Pink Flamingo. This is the first costume she has worn that is completely 100% girly girl. Is it my cup of tea? Not really. Pink fluffy tutu with feathers isn't really my style. But it doesn't matter what I like. It's all about her and she was in love with her costume. Something happened to that girl when she put that costume on. The sass level went through the roof. She was seriously in rare form. It was great!

And since I made a set of wings for his sister Mr. Z needed his own tiny set. So I made him into a little brown birdie. He was pretty darn cute too!
He didn't last too long in his wings though. Which is kinda to be expected. He did like chewing on the ribbons around his wrist though. I tried my hardest to get a picture of the two of them together and they just weren't having it. Oh well there is always next year!

This is my fourth year in a row making Halloween Costumes. I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with making their costumes. I know some day the ease of a store bought costume will be way too tempting. And that will be just fine. But for now I really enjoy the challenge. It seems like I'm always working on them right up until the last minute. It's stressful & it gets a little tense but when it's all over and I see her excitement it is all worth it. It's kinda like my own little Project Runway challenge. It's really fun!

I was really inspired by this tutorial on Burda Style for the wings. Except I tried to simplify it. I don't know if what I did made it any easier though. Instead of breaking out the sewing machine I whipped out the glue gun. It took about 6 sticks of glue and I burned my fingers 3 times. I used felt instead of the fabric they suggested. Both sets of wings combined cost about $5. Cheapest halloween costume ever. I already had a tutu for Miss. S. I just added more tulle and the feathers. Pretty simple! I'm pleased with how they turned out. And Miss. S was more than pleased. She was ecstatic! And that my friends is all that matters.


Katrina Wiese said...

Bailey, Those are just absolutely adorable! Great work Momma!

Beth said...

So perfect!

Bailey said...

Thanks ladies!