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If I were to ever loose my phone the person to find it might think that I'm obese. Seriously. I was looking through my photos and every fifth picture was of food. Yup I'm that girl that takes a picture of a hamburger and finds joy in it. The funny thing is I never do anything with the pictures. They just sit in my phone for my own personal enjoyment. Well until today. Ladies and gentlemen I give you my favorite food photos from my favorite places to eat in San Antonio & Austin.
Big'z cheddar avocado burger on a sweet sour dough bun with caramelized onion mayo. Oh sweet mercy that bun is heaven on earth. Oh and those onions rings? Best. Ever.

Texas Pride BBQ. Ok it's NOT our favorite BBQ place but it's still pretty darn good. BBQ is one of our favorite Texas traditions. Cooper's is my fave (didn't have a great pic). If you ask Denny he would say something different.

Hey Cupcake! black & white and very vanilla cupcakes. Delish & served out of the cutest airstream trailer I ever did see.

Torchy's Democrat taco, chips & salsa and a coke. Fiery perfection.

Frank Jackalope Hot Dog. Sausage made from Antelope, Rabbit & pork topped off with huckleberry compote and cheddar cheese. A. Maze. Ing. Truly. Oh and thank you Canada for the poutine waffle fries. Canada has the best junk food.

We go to this taco truck at least once a week. We love it so much. Carne Guisada taco, corn cup, mexican hot dogs. This place can not be beat. Too bad I don't even know it's name. However you can find it near Heubner and Vance Jackson in San Antonio every night.

Sushi Zushi Strawberry sushi roll. Yes you heard that right. Strawberry and sushi. Together. And it's actually pretty fantastic.

Just a warning. This probably won't be the last time I post pictures of food on this blog. I love to eat. And amazingly enough I'm not 300 pounds.

P.S. For the life of me I can not get the spacing of the pictures to look right. It's driving me crazy.

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