Bring On Halloween

Miss. S is obsessed with Halloween. She has been talking about it nonstop all year. I think it might easily be her favorite holiday. I love it too! When I pulled my Halloween box down from the closet I realized I really don't have that many fun things to decorate with. A couple weeks ago my sweet Mother-In-Law had Miss. S go to her house for a sleep over. They decorated and made cookies. It was all kinds of fun for her. She has TONS of decorations. And I have but one tiny box. So this year I'm fixing this problem. I few a few projects up my sleeve. All on a dime.

This first one is inspired by my previous faux zinc letter post. You could do any word you want. Boo. AHHH!!! Spooky! Anything! It was $10 and took about 45 minutes to complete. All you need is cheap cardboard letters, paint, plastic spiders, paint brushes & a glue gun. Oh how I love my glue gun! Follow the tutorial here & then glue on the spiders randomly. So simple and it has a great impact. These pictures do not do it justice. It really exceeded my expectations the way it turned out. I'm so happy with it!

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