Becoming A Big Sister

Obviously for good reason the posting the last couple weeks has been sparse. Also I haven't been working on any projects. So the posts have been pretty Baby oriented. I'll get back in the swing of things soon. Right now I have a lot on my mind when it comes to this little lady. I thought she was more ready than I was to have a new baby in our home. She's been asking for a sibling for a really long long time. She loves babies. She has been so excited. I thought it would be an easy transition. Well I thought wrong. Her behavior has been subpar to say the least. She has picked up new bad habits. She is reckless around her little brother. She says really mean things. Last night I heard for the very first time her utter the words "I don't like you". I know it will happen again, but man that first time stings. And forget about her listening skills. They have all but vanished. She won't do anything I ask her to do. And she does everything I ask her not to do. Don't get me wrong she still has her sweet moments. It's just her attitude and behavior goes from sweet to ultra sassy in a matter of seconds. I guess I'm looking for some advise. How did you handle the transition from one child to two? How did you help your first child cope with this enormous change? I know it's hard on her. I feel sorry for her more than anything. I just really want to help her. I want her to know we still love her the same, and that we think she is important. I guess the good thing is she really loves her little brother. It's quite cute. I think they will have a good relationship as he gets older. That is a comforting thought.

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Mandy said...

LOL, well I shouldn't laugh because I have been there. There is always an adjustment period for everyone. She is still little and doesn't realize how much time an infant takes. Try to spend some one on one time with her...it will be hard I know, but the dishes, laundry, and floors will be there when you get done. ;) I don't claim to be the best mom and I am definitely not good at getting it all done. She will get used to him being there, then she won't even remember life without him. I think it is harder for the first because they are used to getting ALL of mom and dad's attention. Good luck and know that it will get better!