Monthly Photo Project

This is not a completely new and unique idea. In fact I originally got the idea from my sister Aubrey. She has taken a monthly photo of all three of her children. I wish I would have thought of it when Miss. S was a baby. I feel bad that I didn't. However I'm excited to do it for Mr. Z. Since seeing my sister do this I have seen many other bloggers out there taking monthly photos of their sweet babes. Sherry and John at Young House Love took weekly (now that is dedication) photos of their little girl with a different fabric back drop every time. I thought that was perfect because I have loads and loads of fabric on hand. I probably won't have to pick out fabric for maybe 6 months. So each month for the first year of Mr. Z's life I'll be taking his picture on a different fabric back drop. For two reasons to document his first year of life and also to improve my photography & photoshop skills. As you can see this first one is a little rough, but my little man is perfect! Hopefully you'll not only see what a handsome little guy he turns into but you'll see some improvement in the photos.

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