Teen Choice Awards

You all know about my lovely sister-in-law Katie by now right? Well we are very proud of her for receiving a nomination for the Teen Choice Awards! She's nominated for Breakout T.V. star. The show has a total of 5 nominations. Choice Summer Television Series, Choice Summer T.V star male and female, and two nominations for breakout T.V. star (Katie & Sean Beardy. Sorry Sean but I'm hoping you loose this one buddy. No offense.). Pretty exciting stuff. The show has gotten rave reviews and really good ratings. If you haven't watched yet you can catch up on ABCFamily.com. Last weeks show ended with a huge shock and I can't wait to watch next week to find out more!

So if you are a teenager or know any teenagers (or are just a teenager at heart. wink. wink... I kid.) then vote! Most importantly vote for Katie but while you're at it you might as well vote for the show, Vanessa Marano & Lucas Grabeel. They all deserve it! Go to teenchoiceawards.com to sign up. You can vote everyday before the show! Then tune into watch on Sun. Aug. 7 on FOX because she will also be presenting an award that night.

By the way one of my creations was worn on the show two weeks ago. I was so happy that Katie worked it out with the styling department so that she could wear an apron I made for her the first Christmas Denny and I were married. How awesome is that? Probably not a big deal to you but I was pretty excited about it!
Not a great picture (Sorry Katie) but the best I could get my hands on. That's the apron I made. Kinda looks like a skirt but I assure you it's an apron.

Anyway! Go Vote!!!

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